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1. About your mental state and your emotional
nature. Please answer in this part about your
situation in life and about all the things that
are bothering you. Kindly be frank and open.

2. How do you describe yourself as a person?
(Min 200 words please)

3. Are you punctual by nature. Do you keep time
schedule. Do you complete work in time without
4 Do you try to finish the work in time
or keepspostponing?
5. How is your confidence level?
6. How good your studies average or above
average?How good you are/ were in

7. Are you particular about clieanliness and
8. Are you anxious about which matters?
9. Are you reserved or extrovert by nature. do
you make friends fast or selective friends?
10. Any stage fear or exam fear initially
or throughout?
11. Are you fearful of anything such as Animals
People Being Alone Darkness Death disease
Robbers sudden noise thunder of the future of
something unknown?
12 .High places Timidity or any other are you
doubtful or suspicious? of what?
13. Unpleasent experiences.
Deaths, Seperations,Divorce,monetary loss in business
or losing a job, love affair failure etc.)
14. If you are scared of any animals,insect,
darkness, height,water, robbers etc.

(mention of chlidhood fears too)
15. What are you jealous about? of whom? From
what symptoms do you suffer when jealous?
16. In which matters are you impatient?
17.How long do you remember hurts came to you
by others? Offended easily?
18. How much revengeful are you?
19. What are you proud of?
20. Does your pride get easily hurt?(Egotism)
21. Depressed/Brooding etc.?
22. Do you ever become suicidal? yes/no
23. when?

24. If so in what manner do you contemplate to
end your life?
25. Even then are you afraid of dying ?
26. When are you cheerful?
27. Any unwanted thoughts anytime? What are
28 .Have you any imaginary sensations or
29. Do you hear voices as that you are called or
anything else in this line keeps on occuring in
your mindunduly? yes/no
30. How is your memory?
31. For what is poor?e.g.names,places,faces,what
you have read, etc.
32. Do you weep easily Yes /no
33. What makes you weep?
34 .How do you feel after weeping?
35. How do you feel if someone offers sympathy
and consolation?
36. Are you easily irritated Yes/No
37. What makes you angry?

38. What bodily symptoms do you develope when
angry? e.g.trembling, sweating etc.
39. Do you like company?or like to remain
40. How seriously are you affected by disorder
and uncleanness in your surroundings?
41. What are greatest grief's that you have gone
through in your life?
42. What are the greatest joys that you have had
in life?
43. What activities you deeply like?
44. Are there any matters which you deeply
45. In your opinion, which aspects of mind and
moods are not agreeable to you. In spite of your
awareness and maturity, are unable to change
this aspect?
46. Give a clear cut picture of your situation
in life and your relationship with each of your
family members,friends and associates in work
47. How does the future look to you?
48. Are you trasperent/open minded by nature?
or are you closed person?

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