1. IBS
2. Hydrocele
3. Herpes zoster
4. Condylomatus growth around the labia minora cured by Thuja
5. Erythema all over the body cured by Nat-mur & sulphur
6. Condylomatus growth on the penis cured by Thuja
7. CORNS cured by Graphites & Thuja
8. Burning in urination cured by Pulstilla and cantharis

Case 1
(Sainath Homoeopathic Clinic)
Name: Mr. Sunil Kumar / 19years/ Male/ Student
Patient came with a complaints pain in left side of abdomen,
Contracted sensation in abdomen, since 3 month
Appetite: Decreased
Stool: constipated, once a day.
Anxious about his complaint
Irritable on every small matter.
Investigated as IBS
After taking full history the medicine given was
Nux-Vomica 1M
SL-30-4pills BD

Follow up after 15days
1. Patient got relief
2. Report on 2nd May, 2011- Normal
(Sainath Homoeopathic Clinic)
Name: Mr.Piyush/3 years/Male/
The child having Hydrocele since 8 months.
Pt. asleep full night.
Child cries during storm.
Allopathic doctors had suggested him for surgery
After taking full history the medicine given was.
Rhododendron 30, BD, for 3 weeks

Follow up after 1week
Cure taken place within a Week
(Smt. RambhaDevi Homeopathic Hospital)
Name- Rajesh Kumar/1.8yrs/Child/Male
A child brought with patches on the whole body, after seeing him, diagnose as herpes zoster. It was since 2 months, Itching all over the body, the child was crying
After taking his full history
The medicine given was
Rhustox 30-2 dose
Thuja 30 1 dose

Follow up after 15 days
Condition was little better
The medicine given was
Sulpur 30 1 dose

Case 4
Name: Mrs. Sunita P Chavan / 24years /Female /House wife
Patient came with complaints of condylomatus growth around the labia minora and at the
lateral and posterior aspect of vagina, with itching and burning
Since 45-50days.
She had tried many medicines but she didn't get relief
After taking her full history I had given,
Thuja 1M -2 dose
S.L -30 -4 pills TDS
Calendula tincture for external application

Follow up after 15 days
     1 Patient was happy
     2 Itching reduced
     3 Burning reduced
     4 Slightly reduced in condylomatus growth
Given Rubrum 200 /4 pills TDS

Follow up after 1 month
No itching, no burning, growth reduced 90%
Given 1 dose of Thuja 1 M
And after that she gets completely cured.

Case 5
Name: Mr. Pradeep singh/23yrs/Male/Transporter
Patient came with c/o of itching and burning all over the body
Aggravation by eating ,
Erythema all over the body.
Taken allopathic medicine but c/o was same.
After taking full history I had given
Nat-mur -30 -2 dose
Phytum 200

Follow up 15days
Complaint of itching was reduced but, burning and erythema was same

Taking more history got some rubric
-Continuously thinking

Given sulphur 200 -2 dose
Sl -30 /4 pills TDS-7 days

Given Rubrum 30 /4 pills/15 day

Patient got completely cured

Case 6
Mr Satish Chavan/Male/30year/Transporter-Driver
Patient came with complaints of patches on the penis. He told that it firstly start on the fore skin of the penis, then there is a swelling and patches start increasing and then there is itching +++ on the penis
Since 2 month

On examination:
* Condylomatus growth on the penis
* Corns on Right heels
Taken allopathic treatment but no relief.
After taking his full history I had given
1 dose of Thuja 1M

And 2 dose of opium30
S.L -30 -4 pills TDS

Follow up after 15 days
Patches got reduce in size
Given Rubrum 200

Patient came after 1 month as the complaints was totally reduced
And he was happy
S.L -30 -4 pills TDS for 1 week.

Case 7
Mr. Devendar Singh Kaushik/25years/Male
Patient came with thickness of skin in the right and left side of heel
Perforation on that part
Pain during walking
Aggravation - by touch
Complaints was since 1yr
On examination- CORNS

After taking his full history I gave him Graphites 30 1 dose
Rubrum -30 -2pills-7 days/TDS

Replace with Follow up after 2 weeks
I got more other symptoms
* Fixed ideas
* Aversion to potatoes
Given Thuja 200 -2 doses

Patient told only in 1 dose that corns fall down and he didn't took the 2nd dose.

Case 8
Mr.Ramesh shinde/male/25yrs/watchman parking
Patient came with the complaint burning in urination
Aggravation during before and after the urination
Since 1 month

Some mentals
anxiety about health

After taking his full history I gave him Pulstilla 200 -2 doses
Rubrum -30 -2pills-7 days-TDS

Adviced to do urine routine

Pus cells: 2-4 /hpf
R.B.Cs: 2+ SEEN /hpf

Follow up after 15 days
Burning was still there
Given cantharis 30c

Follow up after 9 days
Burning 50% decreases
I repeated the dose of cantharis 200

As patient doesn't have any complaint till now.