The Materia Medica of homeopathy is nothing but the proving of the medicines on healthy bodies, i.e. the symptoms which a medicines produces in a healthy body when taken in physiological doses. Therefore, in homeopathy the name of a disease is not at all necessary to select the right medicine.Homeopathy treats the patient not the disease a, lone unlike other systems of medicine where disease are treated. In fact, the so called any one disease manifests so many various symptoms that no one medicine can be prescribed for it.

For ages, we have been accustomed to treat disease by names. We have also prescribed medicines according to the names of the disease but have mentioned different symptoms of different medicines in the same disease. The nomenclatures of disease are according to some prominent symptom.
   For example if our lungs are effected and congested we call it Pneumonia if there is chill and fever we call it Malaria if there is pain in the heart we call it Angina and so on but it should be clear that even in one disease.

For example in Pneumonia some patients are restless with high fever and great thirst but others have no thirst and restlessness but would like to lie on left side while others will feel uncomfortable by lying on right side in malaria too there are so many different symptoms varying from patient to patient homeopathy depend much on these different symptoms a patient crave for cold water during fever the other is thirst less another feels better by moving about and still another is worse by slightest motion

A medicine in minimum doses cures all such symptoms or Disease which it is capable of producing in a healthy person when in large doses.