Welcome to student zone, here you can get more information about homoeopathy. This page contains some important links for you, which will help you in Forming a Thesis, case presentation, power point presentation of various diseases, Materia Medica part, Images, online books, etc.

Scope and future for homoeopathic students in India, state as well as central government.

India being the fertile soil for the abrupt growth of homoeopathy.
But there is lack of interest in the young generation towards the medical science.
Being a noble profession the student should come forward and join the homoeopathic medical science.

Student can go for Medical Officer (MO) or student can form a community which can lead to a full furnished and equipped Homoeopathic hospital.

   1. They can go for the private practice
   2. Research work
   3. Pharmaceutical company of homoeopathic medicines.
   4. Lecturer ship in homoeopathic medical colleges.

Serve homoeopathy serve man kind
Proud of being  a Homeopath.
   1. www.similima.com
   2. www.hpathy.com
   3. www.homeoint.org
   4. www.homeopaths.in
   5. www.abchomeopathy.com
   6. Ahealthdirectory.com-Healthy directory and information on the web.
   7. WeHealth.com-The integrates health and websites help you find listing site that related.
   8. KingBio.com-Homeopathic Remedies at KingBio.com