In Early Cases, Surgery In Many Cases Can Be Avoided by Homeopathic Treatment.
Such as cancer cases in the early stage, either breast cancer, tomour, cyst, fibroid, cataract, coronary artery blockage, defective cardiac valves, fistula, piles, hernia, renal failure, renal calculi ( stone in kidney), stones in gall bladder, blood clot in brain, etc if in early stages and getting proper and regular homeopathic treatment, surgery sometime almost unnecessary

This is great misunderstanding homeopathy is a therapeutic science or the art of healing the diseases of human beings by using medicinal substances. Surgery is a technique, a method of removing certain impediments in the way of curing a disease, such as removing the thorn from one's foot, or setting up a dislocated bone. If a foreign particle has entered one's eye, we would have to remove foreign body by washing the eye by using an eyeglass, or if we turn over the lid and clear the eye with wet linen, the foreign body will be removed. There can not be two opinions about it. All sciences whether it is Allopathic, Homeopathy, or Ayurveda, will take same step. Therefore, where this kind of manipulation or surgery is needed, Homeopathy.Will agree to it.

But there is difference of opinion regarding where surgery would be essential and where it could be avoided. We are of the opinion that in the 50% of the cases where surgery is practiced it can safely be avoided. As soon as a case of Tonsillitis or appendicitis is detected, Allopathy would at once advice surgery, but we can say from our own experience that many cases of appendix and tonsils have been completely cured by oral medicines, though there have been such cases of appendix and tonsils or fistula in which we have adviced operation, cases of gangrene declared incurable and advised amputation of the affected limb, yielded to homeopathic treatment and the patients are hale and hearty. Therefore no system of medicine can called incomplete if it does not have surgery. It fact surgery is common to all medical systems.

Often patients ask Homeopath: "Doctor, can homeopathy treat a case of asthma? "Are there remedies for liver troubles in homeopathy?" can enlarged prostates be cured by medicines without operation?'' there is only one answer to all such questions that Homeopathy can successfully treat and cure all such cases. It will Therefore, be wiser to give it a trial.